Kimeron Hardin, PhD, ABPP

Kimeron Hardin, PhD, ABPP

Hello everyone!

Marilyn Jacobs and I have just returned from the 2024 American Academy of Pain Medicine conference in Scottsdale, AZ full of excitement and a sense of accomplishment from manning the AAPP booth over the weekend.

There were around 450 RSVP’d attendees plus an unknown number of “day of” registrations.  The overwhelming majority of attendees were physicians and other pain providers such as nurse practitioners and physicians-in-training with a sprinkling of psychologists and other mental health providers and students.

Our booth looked amazing with Darlene’s help getting the banner and the table skirt and brochures together.  The packet of abstracts and references were also quite the hit.

Although the actual number of psychologists stopping by our table was small, most of the medical providers indicated that they worked closely with at least one mental health provider and all of those indicated that they would be passing our information along to them and encouraging them to join.

Some of the current leadership of AAPM stopped by for extended chats about our organization including the immediate past president, Dr. Farshad Ahadian and Dr. Robert Wailes, the AAPM delegate to the AMA house of delegates.  Other notable people stopping by included Dr. Sean Mackey and Beth Darnall, PhD from Stanford.  It appears that membership numbers for psychologists are down for the organization and this year there were no pain interest group meetings leading Dr. Darnall to comment that AAPP is poised to fill a large gap for pain psychology practitioners.

I have to say that Marilyn was a real tiger when it came to drawing people in, and then engaging them in stimulating conversation about the importance of pain psychology.  Her breadth and depth of knowledge about pain medicine and integrated care was on full display and was quite impressive for our organization.

We don’t have hard numbers yet, but my guess if that we handed out over 100 flyers and 75% of our high quality pens (which were spontaneously acknowledged to us) so Chris was right about keeping an eye on our merch throughout the day.  Many of the people who stopped by had never heard of us before, so I believe that our larger mission of getting our organization’s name and mission out there was met.

About 40 people gave us their business card or name and contact info as a part of the raffle drawing for the three books.  Our winners were extremely excited to pick up their prizes and posed for pictures that we can include on the website.

During our time between visitors, we made a list of ideas about how to improve this process and continue to do outreach for members.

We ultimately believe that we should continue to exhibit at future conferences based on this experience.

Now that the banner, table skirt and flyers are created, it should be much easier to set up at future conferences.  I believe that Amanda mentioned a pediatric conference coming up.  Marilyn and I also think it would be great to have representation at APA’s convention in Seattle from August 8-10 in case someone is interested in representing us there.

Here are a few pictures of our experience and the winners from our book raffle.

Explain Pain | By Dr. David Butler & G. Lorimer Moseley Awarded by AAPP to: Sunannika Palec, M.D. Interventional Pain Medicine, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Post Doctoral Fellow Montefiore Medical Center, Einstein Campus Bronx, New York [Research Project in the U.S. from Phitsanulok, Thailand]

The Pain Chronicles: Cures, Myths, Mysteries, Prayers, Diaries, Brain Scans, Healing, and the Science of Suffering | By Melanie Thernstrom Awarded by AAPP to: Chandramouli Iyer, M.D., FIPP, DABA Anesthesiology, Pain Management UT Southwestern Medical School Dallas, Texas LTC US Army Reserve Pain Clinic Dallas Veterans Affairs Medical Center Dallas, Texas

The Story of Pain: From Prayer to Painkillers | By Joanna Bourke Awarded by AAPP to: Eric Pearson, M.D. Anesthesiology, Pain Management, Interventional Pain Medicine Meridian Total Pain Care Meridian, Mississippi