Functional Neurological Disorder and Chronic Pain by Jon Stone (No CE credits)


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The last 10-15 year have seen a large change in how clinicians and researchers are approaching FND (previously called Conversion Disorder). It’s been recognised how common and disabling it is, that it’s a diagnosis of inclusion, not exclusion, that psychological stress and adversity is an important risk factor but may be absent and that FND, like chronic pain, fundamentally correlates with abnormal brain states. In this talk Professor Stone, a consultant neurologist in Edinburgh, UK, author of, a self-help website and app for people with FND, and secretary of the new international FND Society will give up an update on the diagnosis and management of FND. He will especially look at the overlap with chronic pain and how scientific thinking in these two areas is finally beginning to converge, especially in relation to Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.


1. Learn how functional neurological disorder (FND) is a ‘rule in’ diagnosis and some of the clinical features used to do that

2. Become familiar with modern approaches to mechanism and etiology incorporating neuroscience and psychosocial perspectives

3. Consider the clinical overlap between chronic pain, especially Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, and FND

4. Recognize the new evidence-based treatment for FND and how to integrate this in to existing therapeutic concepts and techniques for chronic pain.


Professor Jon Stone is Professor of Neurology at the University of Edinburgh and Consultant Neurologist with NHS Lothian. 

Professor Stone has promoted new transparent, pragmatic and multidisciplinary approach to understanding, diagnosing and communicating Functional Neurological Disorder.  

Historically, this has been a “no-man’s land” between neurology and psychiatry which represents the second commonest reason for a neurological referral. 

In 2009 he made the first website for patients with FND at which is now widely used across the world.  He has published over 300 articles in the area including large cohort, mechanism and treatment studies. and led on new diagnostic criteria for FND in DSM-5 and ICD-11. He is the first Secretary and cofounder of the new international FND society ( .

His awards include the Jean Hunter prize from the Royal College of Physicians (2014),  Royal College of Psychiatry President’s Medal (2017) and the Ted Burns Humanism in Neurology Award from the American Brain Foundation (2020). 

Weblinks;; Twitter: @jonstoneneuro; Email:

Conflicts of interest

Professor Stone reports Independent expert testimony work for personal injury and medical negligence claims, royalties from UpToDate for articles on functional neurological disorder, lecture honoraria from academic institutions and societies, and runs a free non-profit self-help website, that carries no advertising.


There are no CE credits for this course.